Donation Requests
The St. Croix Casinos are pleased to accept donation requests from individuals, organizations and charities.  The St. Croix Casinos Donations Committee asks that organizations requesting donations from any of the St. Croix Casinos follow these guidelines:

 Donation Guidelines
1)     Donation requests may be submitted in writing, by fax or by email. Written requests should be sent to St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake, 777 US Highway 8/63, Turtle Lake,WI 54889, Attn: Donations Committee. Faxed requests should be sent to 715-986-4572. Email requests should be sent to
2)     Donation requests should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the date that a reply is needed.
3)     Donation requests should contain specific information about the event—time, place, date, the type of event (raffle, silent auction, etc.), the proposed use for the funds realized from the event and a contact person’s name, address and telephone number.
4)     The St. Croix Casinos Donations Committee will review requests in the order in which they’re received. You will receive written notification on whether or not your request will be honored. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the notification process.
5)     The St. Croix Casinos reserve the right to donate to any one organization only once per year.

Limitations and Restrictions
The St. Croix Casinos do not support the following types of organizations or activities:

  • Personal and individual sponsorships.
  • For-profit organizations.
  • Athletic sponsorships unless requested by St. Croix tribal members or their descendants.
  • Wildlife or conservation organizations.
  • Snowmobile or ATV clubs.
  • Talent, baby or beauty pageants.
  • Video, CD or film productions.
  • Religious organizations providing services solely to their own membership.
  • Charter or private schools.
  • Political parties or candidates.
  • Seed money/start-up funds for new organizations.
  • Requests for St. Croix Casinos’ logo items or in-kind gifts for use by minors.
  • Organizations outside a 150-mile radius from Barron or Burnett counties.

March 2012