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The St. Croix Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin

Throughout their history, the St. Croix people have been richly blessed by the Creator. Once known as “The Lost Tribe,” the St. Croix suffered removal from their ancestral lands but have persevered to become proven business leaders with a rich tradition and culture.

Today the St. Croix have five main reservation communities—Big Sand Lake, Maple Plain, Round Lake and Danbury and Gaslyn—located in Polk, Barron, Burnett and Douglas counties of northwestern Wisconsin. Dotted with lakes, streams and forests, the St. Croix reservation lands allow the St. Croix to practice their traditional harvesting of wild rice, maple syrup, berries, fish and deer and to share their bounty with surrounding communities. Tribal traditions are carefully passed down to the tribe’s children.

The St. Croix’s strong sense of tradition forms the bedrock for their thriving business ventures, which include three casinos, St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake, St. Croix Casino Danbury and St. Croix Casino Hertel Express; St. Croix Travel; St. Croix Chippewa Embroidery; the Fourwinds Market in Siren; St. Croix Construction; and technology firm Emerald Systems, which has earned 8A certification from the Small Business Administration..

The Creator continues to bless the St. Croix. With their distinctive intermingling of the traditional and the new, the St. Croix people are sure to remain a cultural and economic force for many generations to come.