Comedy Show – Kevin Hall

Free comedy show in the Lounge. Tonight’s featured performer is comedian-magician Kevin Hall. Comedy magician Kevin Hall, was known for years as the premier Minnesota magician.  However in 2010, Kevin (aka the Magic Maniac) opened an office in Las Vegas.  Now you can enjoy his outrageously funny entertainment in Minnesota and Nevada! Here’s a short autobiography:

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Divas Through the Decades

Celebrate the great divas of pop music at a free show featuring Divas Through the Decades. Showtime is 2pm. June 23. Divas Through the Decades is a musical tribute to some of the most influential female vocalists in American pop music, featuring songs from the ‘40s through today. The show features music made famous by

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Comedy Show – Larry Reeb

Free comedy show in the Lounge. Tonight’s featured comedian is Larry Reeb. Larry Reeb (aka Uncle Lar) is a stand-up comedian from Chicago. He is best known for his one-liners often followed by the catchphrase “That’s a tip from your Uncle Lar”. His earliest recorded and released performance was in 1987.[1] Reeb is a frequent guest

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Almost Famous

Five-piece Wisconsin-based rock band made up of Jeff Eisberner, composer/keyboardist/recording artist/BMI producer;  Dave Zuege, lead guitarist; Michael Kinney,  singer/songwriter/bassist/recording artist/producer; Kathy Ruenger, singer/guitarist; and Jay Nordlund, drummer/percussionist. Jeff Eisberner is an extremely accomplished musician who has composed for, recorded and performed with numerous super stars in the U.S., Europe and Japan.  He also has many

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Music Junkies

Music Junkies is a Minneapolis based collaboration of professional musicians featuring talented and energetic performers who are cranking out some of the best dance music out there! From the best top 40 hits to classic rock and roll. We cover it all and can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor! Music Junkies-Giving you a

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Just Plain Trouble

Just Plain Trouble is a four-piece band out of Nashville. Playing a mix of country, rock and blues, they cover everyone from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson. Come and see why they’re one of the favorite bands in “Music City.”    

JFT Party Band

This group really involves the audience. The band’s full playlists are distributed to the audience who then select the songs that are performed for that show. Many songs are performed with audience participation. Every show is led by that audience and every show is different. Band members regularly join the dancers while performing using wireless

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The Hootz

The Hootz, previously referred to as The Hootn’Anges, are a Punk-Country Rock Band from Western New York. With husband & wife duo, Luke & Ange Marino, on vocals & guitar & bass guitar, there is something so pure about their humorous tongue & cheek lyrics & harmonious music.  They have a number of classically trained

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