David Oakleaf

David Oakleaf is an All-American cowboy, hailing from the Flint Hills of Kansas. Picking up his first guitar at age 11, Oakleaf got his initial taste of the spotlight entertaining old timers at the local Opry House. His young adulthood was spent refining his distinctive sound and molding his message for listeners. His musical inspiration

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Gypsy Road

Original music and classic rock songs from the 60’s through today. An unforgettable evening of good times and great rock and roll music. Bob Sell: Bass and vocals Greg Jatzo: guitar and vocals Joe Olson: Vocals Ron Secord: guitar James Williams: drums  

A Girl’s Journey

A Girl’s Journey performs a wide spectrum of music to include Classic to Current Rock, with the hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s and along with Current Music right off the radio, including Modern Country, this band will have you on your feet from their first song to the last encore! With all these handpicked hits,

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Farmer’s Daughters

Head on down to the nearest Honky-tonk and experience Minnesota’s hottest new country band, The Farmer’s Daughters. They’re here to rock your world!  

Bare Bones

The music of Bare Bones Band is as varied and diverse as Minnesota weather. If you don’t like it one minute, hang around one more! While leaning strongly on our vocal harmonies, our music encompasses a wide range of genres, including folk, rock, country, blues, ethnic and acapella gospel. Our instruments include acoustic and electric

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Mickey & the Monsters

Come out and see The White Ties’ alter-ego show MICKEY AND THE MONSTERS, doing their classic rock show featuring songs by Heart, Fleetwood, Mac, Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, ACDC, Bob Seger, The Eagles, Cheap Trick, Bon Jovi and more.

Comedy Night – Jeff Gerbino

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is Jeff Gerbino. Jeff Gerbino began his comedy career as one of the first of a new generation of Baby Boomers in the late ‘70s who wondered how did those comics on talk shows like Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett and Johnny Carson ever get those cool jobs telling

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Comedy Night – Mike Stanley

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is Mike Stanley. WRY, WITTY, CUNNING, AND CRASS Mike Stanley is all of these things, but none, when put on paper, quite manage to serve the justice dealt by Stanley onstage. Yeah, he’s pretty hilarious, but more than just coarse anecdotes about life and sex, there’s an enviable amount

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