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The West Winds Lounge is Entertainment Central! Enjoy complimentary musical entertainment in the Lounge every Friday and Saturday from 8 p.m. to midnight. We also offer regional and national entertainment and a variety of dinner shows in our Event Center throughout the year. Starting October 7, we'll be offering Comedy Night every Tuesday at 8 p.m. Each night's show will be followed by an open mic night. Free admission. 

November 25 at 8:00 P.M.
Comedy Night - Dwight York

Comedian Dwight York's act has always been smart, funny and to the point. He took the stage for the first time in February 1989. From that very first open- mic set, York established what was to become his trademark style: clever, concise, non-sequitur, impeccably timed setup/punchline type jokes. These finely crafted jokes, blended together with his quirky stage persona and his unique style of delivery, quickly established him as one of Minneapolis's hottest young comics. Within two years he began working regularly as a feature act at The Comedy Gallery.

In 1995, while still working his day job and doing stand-up part-time, York was invited to compete in the Vail National Comedy Invitational. He made it all the way to the final round and so impressed the contest co-sponsor and contest host, Budd Friedmann, (famous founder of the world-famous Improv comedy club) that he personally invited him back for the summer tie-in event, the Vail Comedy Festival

In January 1996, York took his show on the road. The highlight of that first year was another contest, the prestigious San Francisco International Comedy Contest, where he placed second in his preliminary round and advanced to the semi-finals. In 1998 he again advanced to the semi-finals, this time placing first in the preliminary round.

In June 2000, York was invited to perform at the Chicago Comedy Festival. In October, he was invited to be a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program, “The Bob and Tom Show.” His first appearance was a tremendous hit. His joke, "I was homeless for a while. I didn't want anyone to know so I slept in front of a Ticket Master," became Tom Griswold's "new favorite joke," was replayed over and over and landed him a spot on “The Bob and Tom CD: You Guys Rock.” Since then York has been a frequent guest on the show, has become a favorite comedy club headliner in many Bob and Tom markets,  has worked several club dates with the show's Kristi Lee and Chick McGee and was a member of the 2005 Friends of the Bob and Tom Show Tour.

In April 2002, a joke from his website was reprinted in the Reader's Digest. Not a bad accomplishment considering the size of the magazine's circulation (world's largest). Impressive, too, if you consider the broad appeal of his humor. It sort of makes you wonder, where will Dwight York's comedy next appear? Hopefullyy, somewhere near you.


November 27, 28 & 29 at 8:00 P.M.
Buddy Dees & the Cruisers

Buddy Dees, a talented showman, entertainer and singer, gained his experience by performing with some of the best show bands in the country, such has Frankie & the Cruisers and Dean Darling and the Wanders.

He has also shared the stage with Johnny Rivers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley's Coments and the Coasters, just to name a few.

Buddy has mastered the impersonations of many legendary entertainers like Elvis, Hank Williams Jr., Roy Orbison, Chubby Checker, The Big Bopper and many more. Buddy has the reputation of performing a Little Richard tribute that is simply hilarious.

Buddy's dynamic personality and high energy make his show and event to remember.




December 2 at 8:00 P.M.
Comedy Night - Fancy Ray

Fancy Ray McCloney, “The Best Lookin’ Man In Comedy,” is a comedian, actor and TV pitchman from Minneapolis. Fancy Ray has dazzled audiences for more than 20 years. He is well known and beloved in the Twin Cities for his enthusiastic personality, numerous TV commercials and his historic campaign for the Minnesota Governor’s office.

In 1989, Fancy Ray produced and hosted the TV program “Get Down With It!” where he interviewed celebrities such as Whoopie Goldberg, Donny Osmond and Tiny Tim.

Fancy Ray has been featured nationally on the Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, Last Comic Standing and has opened in concert for Richard Pryor, Chris Rock and Little Richard. Fancy Ray has performed in comedy clubs, corporate parties, private events, casinos, restaurants, and music festivals and for more than 10 years has hosted a yearly ‘all age show’ at The Hosmer Library (Hennepin County Library System).

Fancy Ray’s appeal is universal—young, old, black or white. In addition to being very funny, Fancy Ray lights up a room with his charisma, positive outgoing energy and unparalleled showmanship. 


December 5 & 6 at 8:00 P.M.

The Rock-a-Billy Revue is celebrating its 18th year as a band.  In that time they have played Black Bear Casino, LCO Casino, Grand Portage Casino, The Lost Isle Bar, Duluth MN's Fourth Fest, the Family Music Fest, Fond Du Lac College's Summer Concert Series, Superior's Bayside Sounds, Duluth's Chester Creek Concerts—and more.  

They have shared the stage with The Monkees, The Grass Roots, The Turtles, The Crickets, Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits, Bobby Vee, The Spinners, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, Bryan Hyland, Mitch Ryder on the oldie shows.  And on the country stage they have played with Brad Paisley, Gary Allan, Marty Stuart, Neil McCoy, Sherrie Austin and The Georgia Satellites.



December 9 at 8:15 P.M.
Comedy Night - Bob Larson

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Bob has been headlining comedy clubs across the country since 1986. Born with a sense of humor, it was only a matter of time before the thought of show business entered his mind - about 32 years.

In the meantime, Bob had a varied work experience. He definitely had a blue-collar background. He worked hard for his money and his work ethic shows in his comic performances. He worked his way through college as a lumberjack, and a stock-boy. After college, he was a millwright mechanic for 8 years at a coal dock on Lake Superior. He also was a bartender, exterminator, security guard at a ski lodge, heavy equipment mechanic, owner of his own card shop (where he designed and produced the inventory), worked in concrete and masonry construction and was part-owner of the Minnesota Comedy Club in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Larson's 6' 2" frame eventually found him competing for toughman titles in the U.S. and Canada. He made international finals twice! Bob devoted 16 years of his life to the practice of Wing Chun Kung Fu. 12 of these years he taught this martial art. He traveled to the China towns of Toronto and New York; also to Japan and Hong Kong to fight their champions in their underground arenas. At one time, Bob was rated 6th in the world!

With his varied work experience and his passion for the martial arts, challenges and confrontations are welcome in Bob’s world. That’s why, with his years of experience in comedy and his gift of wit, the ability to think quick on his feet, and a great sense of humor, Hecklefest™ and Bob go hand in hand.


Saturday, December 13 at 6:00 P.M.
Billy Joe Royal Dinner Show
Music legend Billy Joe Royal presents a dinner show at St. Croix Casino Danbury on Saturday, December 13. Dinner will be served at 6 p.m. followed by the show at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 and are available at or at the St. Croix Perks booth at the casino.

Billy Joe Royal is best known for the 1965 US Top 10 pop hit “Down in the Boondocks,” which, along with the singles “I Knew You When” and “Hush,” were written and produced by Joe South. His 1969 single, “Cherry Hill Park,”peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the 1970s his recording of "Heart's Desire" gained popularity among Northern soul enthusiasts and was regularly played in Northern soul nightclubs.

During the 1980s, Royal scored a successful comeback with several Top 10 country hits, including “Tell It Like It Is,” “Burned Like a Rocket” and “I’ll Pin a Note to Your Pillow.”

Billy Joe Royal's career experienced a major second wind during the 2000s due to regular airplay on oldies radio stations. His music was further exposed to younger generations through a movement known as  The Beat Army, an online music forum based on Facebook, which is operated by author and music producer Paul Collins.

Royal continues to tour regularly, performing concerts at casinos, music festivals and clubs in Canada, the United States, Japan and throughout Europe. Royal's set lists include a mixture of songs representing multiple genres from the 1960s to the present day.



December 12 & 13 at 8:00 P.M.
Darlene & the Boys

From 9 to 90, people of all ages enjoy the musical sounds and fun of Darlene and the Boys! If the rhythmic sounds of this band doesn't light your fire...well....then your wood is still wet!


Each member of this versatile band has performed or opened shows with numerous national acts through the years. They are truly veterans of the stage offering a vast array of all time great hits of yesterday, and some of the biggest hits of today. With Darlene and the Boys you'll hear songs made famous by Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, Linda Ronstadt, Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless, George Jones, Lady Anntebellum and Miranda Lambert to name just a few. Plus the fun and exciting fiddle and guitar instrumentals!

Darlene Nelson is an award-winning vocalist who has captured numerous prestigious honors, including weekly winner of the "BE A STAR" talent show in Nashville, Tennessee. She also advanced all the way to the finals in the Tony James "That's Show Biz Talent Show" in Branson, MO.

Darlene has appeared with Grand Ole Opry performers numerous times on the Ernest Tubb Record Shop "Midnight Jamboree Show," which airs live on the "legend" 650 WSM. She has also performed at many notable establishments in Nashville including the Opryland Hotel, the Nashville Palace and Tootsie's Orchid Lounge.

Darlene recorded a full album, The Nashville Sessions, at Hilltop Studios, one of the finest recording facilities in and around Nashville. The album was produced by Mike Johnson (ace steel guitar session player). Mike also performed on the album.

In 2013, Darlene was chosen from more than 2,500 acts to perform on the Shotgun Red Variety Show in Nashville, Tennessee. This show is broadcast on the RFD TV Network and seen by over 1.5 million viewers on DISH NETWORK, DIRECT TV and other cable systems. Darlene's show is aired in May/June 2013.



December 16 at 8:00 P.M.
Comedy Night - Jeff Gerbino

Jeff Gerbino began his comedy career as one of the first of a new generation of Baby Boomers in the late ‘70s who wondered how did those comics on talk shows like Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett and Johnny Carson ever get those cool jobs telling jokes? Tired of watching the guys in tuxedos tell mother-in-law jokes, Jeff left his childhood home on the North Shore of Long Island to follow two loves: comedy and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman from Minnesota.  In short order he would be married to both for a long, long time.

Jeff left an early job in radio (his first love) and started a comedy scene in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul where none had existed previously. Soon Jeff recruited other comics to join him and many of them made names for themselves over the years. Louie Anderson, (Life with Louie/Family Feud/Splash), Jeff Cesario, (HBO/Showtime), Joel Hodgeson, (Mystery Science Theater) and Stephanie Hodge (Nurses) all would work the tiny stage at a bar inside a Union Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Jeff Gerbino’s stock was rising from an auto parts delivery guy to local comedy celebrity all while still in his early 20s.

In the 1980s, Jeff and his wife would move to Los Angeles, where he worked his way up the comedy ladder at places like the infamous Improv and the (then) nationally renowned Comedy Store. The names of the comedians who regularly worked the Comedy Store are all printed on the outside motif of the Comedy Store. Jeff’s name is printed there near that of Jonathan Winters and Richard Pryor, who, ironically, were early comedy influences on Jeff.  While becoming a nationally known comedy club headliner, he worked with many famous comics as both writer and performer—Jimmy Walker, Michael Keaton, Kevin Nealon, Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams and many others. Jeff’s look became familiar to many people as he appeared in television commercials for Home Depot, Hardee’s, National Rent-A-Car and 2000 Flushes.  His comedy appearances include The CBS Morning Show, A&E’s Comedy On The Road, Showtime’s Laughathon, HBO Comic Relief, Comedy Central and ABC’s Good Morning America.

More than three decades later, Jeff’s act is a true fusion of the years spent performing all over America and even in countries like Great Britain, Japan and Australia.   His high energy approach to everything from news events of the day to life as a parent of two children to uncanny impressions of various celebrities and politicians make his act accessible to both nightclub and corporate audiences all across America.  Michael Keaton praised Jeff as “The poor man’s Jay Leno.” The Hollywood Reporter named him as one of America’s Top Ten new comics in their annual Comedy Issue. Variety magazine described Jeff’s act as a high-energy high wire act that takes the audience right along with him.  Jeff was also featured in Time Magazine as part of their coverage of the emerging new phenomenon of standup that was now spreading all across America.

Jeff departed Los Angeles with his now growing family of two children and a wife to return to Minneapolis where he began working in morning drive radio while splitting his time between comedy club work and private shows for corporations such as 3M, EcoLab, Carlson Companies, Control Data, Excel Energy, Target, Macy’s, Carnation, AT&T, Sprint and many others, often doing more than just his act but personalizing shows with special material written for the occasion.  He became so good at this that many companies began referring to him as “The Humor Consultant.”  To this day one of his more popular sketches at private shows is his “Corporate Imposter” where he appears as an expert consultant discussing the host company’s issues—first in a serious tone, but then getting wilder and wilder—till the audience explodes at the realization that they have been had.


December 19 & 20 at 8:00 P.M.
Urban Myth

Urban Myth Band is a cultural hot dish of musicians and vocalists, which their song list reflects. From current to classic, funk to rock, R&B to oldies, originals to an occasional instrumental to show off the band’s chops, Urban Myth Band delivers! The band has performed everywhere from street dances to nightclubs, weddings to corporate events and throughout their careers have played all over the United States and even over seas. Urban Myth Band brings a professional show to audiences whether it's a nightclub or a special event with a relaxed, yet fun style of presentation.

On lead vocals is Shena Ray. Shena is a veteran in the business singing in bands such as Suicide Blonde, Pop Rocks, Steel Orchid and Millennia. Shena started her career singing opera at the age of 12 and made it into the finals for Nashville Star.

On the guitar, keys and lead vocals, Nick "Chewy" Baca covers just about every genre there is. Chewy is a seasoned veteran, who throughout the years has worked with many artists such as Johnny Holm, Palace, Lisa Keith (Grammy nominee), Brian Gallagher (Prince), The Boogiemen and the list goes on. And every night Chewy’s guitar playing brings power and versatility to the Urban Myth Band

On the bass guitar & lead vocals, David "Pee Wee" Radford is the foundation of the rhythm section who rarely needs a microphone for his powerful voice. He is a seasoned musician who has seen time on stage for both original and cover bands performing across the U.S., as well as in the Caribbean. Dave spent 22 years on the road with the Johnny Holm Band.

Behind the drums is Dave Brewster. With over 20 years of experience and a product of the acclaimed University of Miami School of Music, he has studied with Gordy Knudtson and Steve Rucker. His musical influences are such greats as Jeff Porcaro, Steve Gadd and Phil Gould. Dave brings some excitement to UMB. Dave has hit the stage in a variety of gigs such as the award- winning Love Janis and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Ordway McKnight Theater. Dave’s chameleon-like style is the perfect fit for the Urban Myth Band.

The band’s show features a perfect mix of danceable grooves and sing-along classics that keeps both the guys and the gals entertained all night long. But it’s the positive and upbeat atmosphere, along with the audience participation that makes the Urban Myth Band’s show most fun and memorable.



December 23 at 8:15 P.M.
Comedy Night - Peter Hefty

Comedy ventriloquist Peter Hefty and his army of friends bring their Christmas show to St. Croix Casino Danbury on Tuesday, December 23.

One of the best acts of his kind ever with a very funny pace, clever material and presentation and flawless delivery. Peter is a top-flight comic ventriloquist with star quality, who gives a clean, well-polished performance and knows just how to keep audiences laughing. His shows are always entertaining and well-received. Peter has appeared on Comedy Central and America’s Got Talent. 




December 26 & 27 at 8:00 P.M.
The White Ties

The White Ties are four veteran entertainers from the Midwest whose high-energy, fun-filled show will keep you rockin’ all night.

You’ll be on your feet and dancing as soon as the White Ties hit the stage. Their song list list including contemporary, country, classic country, classic rock and original songs will keep you dancing all night.

The White Ties’ extraordinary vocals, mature musical experience, soaring guitar leads and rockin’ rhythm section make them a can’t-miss entertainment experience.




December 30 at 8:00 P.M.
Comedy Night - Mark Poolos

Mark Poolos was born and raised in Edina, Minnesota. To start his career, he co-starred in two independent films "Attack of the Killer Snow Cone Zombies" and "Joanie Loves Furbies". After his performances in those two films there wasn't a person who didn't know his name. He did more films, some commercials and some theater but it wasn't enough. Mark needed that instant connection. So he began his stand-up comedy career. Mark is 6'7" and 350, technically a giant but a bumbling one. In Mark's routine he weaves real stories about life as a jolly giant and a very unique point of view at life to create his own style of comedy. Mark is a true road dog performing in 44 states and 5 provinces in Canada. Mark has been on WGN America, XM/Sirus Satellite radio, The Bob and Tom Show, and won the 2011 Comcast Trial by Laughter. Mark will soon release his third full-length comedy album.


December 31 at 9:00 P.M.
Candy Shop

Ring in 2015 with the music of Candy Shop from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Candy Shop is the Twin Cities’ newest and wildest party band, performing all your favorite dance hits from the 70's to today! Combining all the choreography, costumes, and visual elements you can imagine, Candy Shop packs the dance floor with music from Usher, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Jay Z, Pink, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga and many more.




Saturday, January 3 at 2:00 P.M.
Doo-Wop Daddies
The Doo-Wop Daddies visit St. Croix Casino Danbury for one show at 2 p.m.Saturday, January 3. Tickets are $10. 

The Doo-Wop Daddies, based in Milwaukee, WI, capture the demanding vocal style of Doo-Wop music with unsurpassed excellence. That's only the beginning. The Daddies don't merely recreate this classic genre, but have redefined it and made it their own -- 21st Century Doo-Wop. The Doo-Wop Daddies' live shows attain that ideal unity of masterful performance and entertainment. Combining elements of vintage and cutting edge musical technologies, The Doo-Wop Daddies produce an exciting theatrical show that remains faithful to the Doo-Wop style. For the music of the 50’s and 60’s in a new light that’s as fresh as tomorrow, won’t you please welcome The Doo-Wop Daddies!

Tickets available online at or at the St. Croix Perks booth at the casino. 



January 17 at 8:00 P.M.
Bad Medicine Tribute to Bon Jovi
Catch the premier tribute to Bon Jovi. No admission charge. 

Thursday, January 29 at 6:00 P.M.
John Denver Tribute Dinner Show

Jim Curry presents his acclaimed tribute to John Denver in a special dinner show at St. Croix Casino Danbury on Thursday, January 29. Dinner is served at 6 p.m. followed by the show at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20 and are available online at or in person at the St. Croix Perks booth at the casino.

Jim Curry began his music career writing and performing the opening song, “The Time of Your Life” for his senior play. The song was then voted to be the 1975 class song and Jim was awarded a Rotary Scholarship to study music in college. Even at this early stage in his life Jim’s natural voice resembled that of singer/songwriter John Denver. Embracing the similarities, Jim continued to sing and specialize in the songs of John Denver, sharing John’s positive messages of love, humanity and environmental awareness.

The untimely death of John Denver’s in 1997 was a tragedy that was felt the world over. Such a void in the musical world left John’s ardent fans demanding that his music survive. CBS television responded by producing a made for TV movie: “Take Me Home, the John Denver Story” in which Jim landed an off-camera role singing as the voice of John Denver. This experience inspired Jim to produce full–length John Denver tribute concerts.

He’s not your usual “Vegas style” impersonator. In fact, he is not an impersonator at all. Jim sings, in his own natural voice, a tribute to the music in a way that has to be seen and heard to understand the pure honesty of his amazing performance. His looks and his voice are simply a pleasant coincidence that captures the true essence of John Denver’s music. Curry’s heartfelt delivery rolls out into the crowd as multi-platinum hits like “Rocky Mountain High,” “Annie’s Song” and “Calypso” fill the room.

Jim has created the ultimate tribute experience and has emerged as the top performer of John Denver’s music today. He often performs with John Denver’s former band members. Curry’s tribute is the first and only full-length John Denver tribute in a Las Vegas Casino and is a sell-out favorite at the Silverton time after time. Curry has taken his show on the road to Performing Arts Centers and Casinos in the US and Canada and out to sea as one of the most popular shows on the Holland America Cruise Line.

Jim’s latest efforts are to take his tribute show to a new level by adding symphony orchestrations back into live performances of John Denver music. When John Denver wanted to add a full orchestra to his live shows and recordings, he teamed up with Grammy Award winning arranger, composer and conductor Lee Holdridge. Lee’s symphony arrangements, along with John’s songs became the trademark sound of many of John’s hits. Jim Curry and Lee Holdridge have now brought the rebirth of the timeless songs of America’s troubadour back in a full-length live concert of John Denver’s greatest works.

Whether Jim is performing with a symphony orchestra, with his talented band, or all by himself, his compelling voice, combined with dramatic images of nature is an unforgettable show that will truly fill up your senses.


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