The West Winds Lounge is Entertainment Central! Enjoy complimentary musical entertainment in the Lounge Friday from 7pm – 11pm, Saturday from 8pm – midnight and Sunday from 2pm – 6pm. We also offer regional and national entertainment and a variety of dinner shows in our Event Center throughout the year.

Classic Sunday

April 23, 2pm - 6pm

Catch the music of your favorite local and regional bands. Free admission


Comedy Night – Frank Roche

April 27, 7 p.m.

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is Frank Roche.

Frank Roche from Detroit is one of the most high-energy acts on the comedy circuit today. Fusing rapid-fire antics with dead-on celebrity impressions keeps the audience laughing. He has performed at some of the best comedy clubs and venues throughout the country. From LA to New York, Toronto to the Florida Keys. You won’t want to miss Roche’s show!



JFT Party Band

April 28, 7pm - 11pm, April 29, 8pm - midnight

This group really involves the audience. The band’s full playlists are distributed to the audience who then select the songs that are performed for that show. Many songs are performed with audience participation. Every show is led by that audience and every show is different. Band members regularly join the dancers while performing using wireless connections. Guest musicians who make a surprise appearance to the stage are common to their shows.

Enjoy tight performances of “The Greatest Classic Hits of All Time” from artists like U2, Journey, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Billy Idol, John Mellencamp, Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett, CCR, the Eagles and many more.


Classic Sunday

April 30, 2pm - 6pm

Catch the music of your favorite local and regional bands. Free admission


Comedy Night – The Mighty Jer-Dog

May 4, 7pm

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is the Mighty Jer-Dog.

Just in case you’re not familiar with “Jer-Dog,” he has delivered over 2,000 performances in the last decade at comedy clubs, colleges, casinos, hotel lounges, neighborhood saloons, biker bars, summer festivals, and private events all over the country as part of The Grassroots Comedy Tour– the longest running independent comedy bar show in America.  As a radio personality, Jer-Dog’s comedy has been heard on THE BOB & TOM SHOWSIRIUS-XM SATELLITE RADIO, and he’s currently a regular contributor onTHE STONE & DOUBLE T SHOW (104.9FM) Rockford, Illinois.

Jer-Dog has starred in the comedy documentaries (available on Amazon) Road Dogs (’06) and American Smartass (’10) chronicling his adventures with The Grassroots Comedy Tour.  His comedy CD, Domesticated Party Animal (Laughing Hyena Records) is also available on Amazon and select retail outlets throughout the country.  He has been featured in the press countless times and was voted one of Bud Light’s “Real Men of Comedy” by Maxim magazine.

Jer-Dog brings to the stage a powerhouse performance delivering fast paced one-liners and story-telling, while simultaneously incorporating characters, voices, sound effects, and audience interaction.  His captivating, blue collar style has mass appeal without being generic or politically correct.  Jer-Dog also dives into material about the challenges of transforming from an obnoxious party-animal into a domesticated stay-at-home dad.

Raised in a small town in Iowa, Jer-Dog began his comedy career almost 20 years ago, at the age of 19, by traveling for hours to cities with comedy clubs and karaoke/sports bars facing some of the toughest crowds imaginable.  He further developed his showmanship skills during a 10-year tour with “Shenani-Guns”  Comedy Wild West Show, performing at Six Flags and state fairs.

Currently based in Chicago, IL, Jer-Dog spends most of his time with his family, writing new material, headlining live events, and interacting with his legions of fans online.


Project 3:13

May 5, 7pm - 11pm; May 6. 8pm - midnight

The New Project 3:13 is poised to become a powerful influence in rock history. Michael Jahnz and his exceptional band will mesmerize audiences with their energy-packed shows.

In 1988, the rich vocals of Michael Jahnz caught the attention of Gary Richrath, former lead guitarist and songwriter for REO Speedwagon. At the time, Jahnz was playing with his band Vancouver in the prestigious Hollywood circuit at places like the Roxy, Whiskey-A-Go-Go and the Troubadour and had previously enjoyed success touring with Badfinger.

Contemplating a solo career after $30 million in sales with monster hits like “Ridin’ the Storm Out” and “Take It on the Run,” Richrath formally asked Jahnz to join his new band, Richrath. It was a dynamic team.

After drawing crowds of thousands throughout North America, the band headed into the recording studio during a grueling tour schedule to record Only the Strong Survive, released on GNP Cresendo Records in 1992. The CD featured outstanding original recordings by Jahnz and Richrath. Gary Richrath said, “Michael Jahnz is a tremendous singer and songwriter. His songs are just dynamite!” So good, in fact, that Richrath shared song-writing responsibilities and credits him with nearly half of the songs that appear on the CD.

Jahnz and Richrath then headed back into the recording studio with a collection of songs they had been writing on the road and in the interim. After scores of late nights in the recording studio (many until 3:13 a.m.). Richrath and Jahnz amicably parted company, with Jahnz forging ahead with his new material, aptly titled Project 3:13.

In addition to Jahnz, Project 3:13 includes Scott Weber on keyboards and vocals, Al Jordan and Bob Noll on guitar and Dan Somers on drums.





Comedy Night – Chris Barnes

May 11, 7pm

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is Chris Barnes.

When he was six years old, Chris Barnes already knew he wanted to be a stand-up comedian. In 1980, he made his first appearance on stage at Sardino’s, a local nite club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ever since then, this native Milwaukeean has been making his mark on the comedy scene throughout the Midwest, the South, and the East Coast with his storming style of humor.

Barnes can be best described as a high-energy comic who will take an audience and keep them laughing as he interprets his experiences of life. Barnes is also the man of many faces; his personality and facial expressions will bring an audience to life.

Barnes has worked and laughed with such people as John Mendoza, JJ Jimmy Walker, Andrew Dice Clay, Sinbad, Bill Cosby and many others.

It’s no surprise Barnes has become a national headliner, working in such clubs as Dangerfield’s in New York City; Rascal’s in New Jersey, Zanies in Chicago, Chaplin’s in Detroit, Comedy Cafe in Milwaukee and many others throughout the country.


Ladies of Country

May 13, 3pm

Tribute to Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Free admission.


Kitty Corona

May 12, 7pm - 11pm; May 13, 8pm - midnight

KITTY CORONA ROCKS with favorites from artists like Pat Benatar, Journey, Tom Petty, Joan Jett, AC/DC, The Stones, Foreigner, Heart, Night Ranger and the list goes on and on… Great music and a GREAT TIME!  It’s all about having FUN!

Based out of Oshkosh, KITTY CORONA was formed in May 2013 with the common goal of building a great list of songs that everybody knows, but not everybody plays, and then delivering with quality sound and a fun show that keeps you rocking all night!

Blending classic rock and new wave, KITTY CORONA promises something for just about everyone!


Comedy Night – Jeff Gerbino

May 18, 7pm

Free comedy show. Tonight’s featured comedian is Jeff Gerbino.

Jeff Gerbino began his comedy career as one of the first of a new generation of Baby Boomers in the late ‘70s who wondered how did those comics on talk shows like Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett and Johnny Carson ever get those cool jobs telling jokes? Tired of watching the guys in tuxedos tell mother-in-law jokes, Jeff left his childhood home on the North Shore of Long Island to follow two loves: comedy and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed woman from Minnesota.  In short order he would be married to both for a long, long time.
Jeff left an early job in radio (his first love) and started a comedy scene in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul where none had existed previously. Soon Jeff recruited other comics to join him and many of them made names for themselves over the years. Louie Anderson, (Life with Louie/Family Feud/Splash), Jeff Cesario, (HBO/Showtime), Joel Hodgeson, (Mystery Science Theater) and Stephanie Hodge (Nurses) all would work the tiny stage at a bar inside a Union Building in Northeast Minneapolis. Jeff Gerbino’s stock was rising from an auto parts delivery guy to local comedy celebrity all while still in his early 20s.

In the 1980s, Jeff and his wife would move to Los Angeles, where he worked his way up the comedy ladder at places like the infamous Improv and the (then) nationally renowned Comedy Store. The names of the comedians who regularly worked the Comedy Store are all printed on the outside motif of the Comedy Store. Jeff’s name is printed there near that of Jonathan Winters and Richard Pryor, who, ironically, were early comedy influences on Jeff.  While becoming a nationally known comedy club headliner, he worked with many famous comics as both writer and performer—Jimmy Walker, Michael Keaton, Kevin Nealon, Roseanne Barr, Tom Arnold, Paula Poundstone, Robin Williams and many others. Jeff’s look became familiar to many people as he appeared in television commercials for Home Depot, Hardee’s, National Rent-A-Car and 2000 Flushes.  His comedy appearances include The CBS Morning Show, A&E’s Comedy On The Road, Showtime’s Laughathon, HBO Comic Relief, Comedy Central and ABC’s Good Morning America.

More than three decades later, Jeff’s act is a true fusion of the years spent performing all over America and even in countries like Great Britain, Japan and Australia.   His high energy approach to everything from news events of the day to life as a parent of two children to uncanny impressions of various celebrities and politicians make his act accessible to both nightclub and corporate audiences all across America.  Michael Keaton praised Jeff as “The poor man’s Jay Leno.” The Hollywood Reporter named him as one of America’s Top Ten new comics in their annual Comedy Issue. Variety magazine described Jeff’s act as a high-energy high wire act that takes the audience right along with him.  Jeff was also featured in Time Magazine as part of their coverage of the emerging new phenomenon of standup that was now spreading all across America.

Jeff departed Los Angeles with his now growing family of two children and a wife to return to Minneapolis where he began working in morning drive radio while splitting his time between comedy club work and private shows for corporations such as 3M, EcoLab, Carlson Companies, Control Data, Excel Energy, Target, Macy’s, Carnation, AT&T, Sprint and many others, often doing more than just his act but personalizing shows with special material written for the occasion.  He became so good at this that many companies began referring to him as “The Humor Consultant.”  To this day one of his more popular sketches at private shows is his “Corporate Imposter” where he appears as an expert consultant discussing the host company’s issues—first in a serious tone, but then getting wilder and wilder—till the audience explodes at the realization that they have been had.