The West Winds Lounge is Entertainment Central! Enjoy complimentary musical entertainment in the Lounge on Saturdays at 8pm. We also offer regional and national entertainment and a variety of dinner shows in our Event Center throughout the year.

The Hootz

May 26, 7pm - 11pm & May 27, 8pm - midnight

The Hootz, previously referred to as The Hootn’Anges, are a Punk-Country Rock Band from Western New York. With husband & wife duo, Luke & Ange Marino, on vocals & guitar & bass guitar, there is something so pure about their humorous tongue & cheek lyrics & harmonious music.  They have a number of classically trained musicians who connect during their shows, some of which include: the banjo, guitar, fiddle and mandolin.  Their high energy performance creates an original & enthusiastic sound.  They began to refer to themselves as The Hootz, after they signed with their booking agent, Gary Kirves at Artist Events Nashville.  This name, THE HOOTZ, clearly reflects their redneck, hoe-down, knee-slapping, good-time, & hootenanny style music.  While they classify their music as being of the Alt Country Rock genre; their punk-rock, party band, parody-style humor, & back country roots help separate them from the traditional classic country music.  The Hootz live performances have been accredited as “more fun than a barrel full of hillbillies” & “Country with a Twist & SHOCK!!!”

This energetic young band released their first CD on iTunes called; “Big Deal in a Small Town”, which has been a huge success worldwide. Their song, “Gettin’ Out”, & “The Rednecks Are Comin’” have gained a lot of attention on the National Radio breaking into the top 100.  They performed “Gettin’ Out” live on the morning channel 9/Syracuse’s Bridge Street News. (See links below for interview, music video, article & live performance.) Their music can be heard on “Nashville Broadcast Radio Network” NBRN.FM, Radio Madison out of Nashville, TN & Syndicated Radio.  They continue to write & perform all their original songs, & look forward to a new album release this coming spring of 2017.  For a pre-release order of their newest album, “Country’s Red-headed Step-Child” email:  lucasandangela@aol.com.

The Hootz accompanied National Acts such as Craig Campbell, Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley, Josh Thompson, Parmalee, Chris Higbee, Eric Paslay, & Kellie Pickler.  This summer The Hootz had the opportunity to support Ray Scott, Easton Corbin, & Dustin Lynch, & Rock’n Roll legend, Bret Michaels, at the World Chicken Festival in London, KY in September.  This energetic band also headlined a number of festivals throughout the US.  Recently, The Hootz widened their national tour as far as Indiana, Ohio, Nashville, North Carolina, Florida & all over New York, & continue to add to their roster.  2017 is already shaping to be a great tour year for this band, as they will be living in Nashville, TN.  Already, The Hootz are booked as far as Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, New York, Wisconsin and Kentucky.

This past year, The Hootz performed three separate showcases at such prestigious venues known as 3rd & Lindsley, Belcourt Taps, & The Blackbird Academy Sound Stage & Studio in Nashville, TN.  The Hootz are currently represented by music attorney, Orville Almon, who is accredited for representing Jason Aldean, Sherrie Austin, Trace Adkins, & many other prominent recording artists, producers and songwriters.  Last year, Luke & Ange travelled to Nashville to record two new original songs, which are creating a lot of buzz in the world of Country Music.  They recently shot three music video for their songs, “Show Me the Money,” “Chlorofom,” & “Drink About It” with No Apology Productions, which can be viewed at www.thehootz.com or on The Hootz Vimeo, Vevo, Vydia, or Youtube pages.




JFT Party Band

June 2, 8pm - midnight

This group really involves the audience. The band’s full playlists are distributed to the audience who then select the songs that are performed for that show. Many songs are performed with audience participation. Every show is led by that audience and every show is different. Band members regularly join the dancers while performing using wireless connections. Guest musicians who make a surprise appearance to the stage are common to their shows.

Enjoy tight performances of “The Greatest Classic Hits of All Time” from artists like U2, Journey, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Willy Nelson, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, Billy Idol, John Mellencamp, Neil Diamond, Jimmy Buffett, CCR, the Eagles and many more.



Comedy Show – Larry Reeb

June 7, 7pm

Free comedy show in the Lounge. Tonight’s featured comedian is Larry Reeb.

Larry Reeb (aka Uncle Lar) is a stand-up comedian from Chicago. He is best known for his one-liners often followed by the catchphrase “That’s a tip from your Uncle Lar”. His earliest recorded and released performance was in 1987.[1]

Reeb is a frequent guest on The Bob and Tom Show, as well as Todd-N-Tyler Radio Empire. In 2006, he auditioned for the fourth season of Last Comic Standing and made it to the second part of the quarterfinals.



Just Plain Trouble

June 8, 7pm - 11pm & June 9, 8pm - midnight

Just Plain Trouble is a four-piece band out of Nashville. Playing a mix of country, rock and blues, they cover everyone from Johnny Cash to Willie Nelson. Come and see why they’re one of the favorite bands in “Music City.”



Music Junkies

June 15, 7pm - 11pm & June 16, 8pm - midnight

Music Junkies is a Minneapolis based collaboration of professional musicians featuring talented and energetic performers who are cranking out some of the best dance music out there!

From the best top 40 hits to classic rock and roll. We cover it all and can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor!

Music Junkies-Giving you a reason to dance! Fronting two lead singers and talented musicians to keep you entertained all night long. What are you waiting for? Come join the party!!


Comedy Show – Kevin Hall

June 21, 7pm

Free comedy show in the Lounge. Tonight’s featured performer is comedian-magician Kevin Hall.

Comedy magician Kevin Hall, was known for years as the premier Minnesota magician.  However in 2010, Kevin (aka the Magic Maniac) opened an office in Las Vegas.  Now you can enjoy his outrageously funny entertainment in Minnesota and Nevada! Here’s a short autobiography:

“Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my family was definitely different.I thought every family had 15 kids. I thought everyone’s Mom designed costumes and had her own Musical Zanygram business. Of course, I also thought that every family was involved in show business too. Our dinner table conversations were definitely not run of the mill.We would talk about one sister cutting her next record, one brothers work on his songs for his lead in Cinderella, another brother had just won the local “Battle of the Bands” and another sister was trying to talk me into doing a tap dance at a talent contest.

However, I was the shy one. When they gave me the lead in the school play, I was petrified! I sang really bad during rehearsals until they put me back in the chorus. I almost died when my mother made me go out and do a dancing bunny telegram. Talk about scary! I was sure I was too shy for showbiz but 24 years later, it just burst out of me!

I was a successful super computer designer who suddenly found himself taking lessons in dozens of different styles of dance. I joined an improv group and even started singing in a Roaring ‘20s show group. I was getting a patent in integrated circuit design during the day and dancing with flaming machetes at night!

Then came the fateful day when this gorgeous computer engineer was placed in my office. Suddenly, my entertaining skills had a new target. After lots of pursuing plus some practice and hard work, I became a magician and my lovely wife, Janet, a quick change artist. The end result has been a fairy tale life of shows in exotic locations around the world. What’s next? Well, the “Americas Got Talent” TV show has recently contacted us about performing. If that works out, it may just be the way to finally realize our dream of having our own theater.”

Kevin and Janet made it to “America’s Got Talent.” They didn’t win that competition but have won other awards including the Best Star award in 2005.

Divas Through the Decades

June 23, 2pm

Celebrate the great divas of pop music at a free show featuring Divas Through the Decades. Showtime is 2pm. June 23.

Divas Through the Decades is a musical tribute to some of the most influential female vocalists in American pop music, featuring songs from the ‘40s through today. The show features music made famous by divas including Tina Turner, Diana Ross and the Supremes, Celine Dion, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Estefan, Madonna, Beyonce, Shania Twain, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, and many more.

The Divas’ stage show is filled with electrifying vocals, cutting-edge choreography, great costume changes, and a high-energy performance that is second to none. Their musicianship offers unequalled authenticity as well as tons of fun. Not only will you experience iconic music and incredible singing and dancing, you will find comedy and sentiment throughout the performance as you witness the girls getting the audience involved and participating in the show. There is truly something for everyone in this timeless production. Divas Through the Decades will give you an opportunity to experience female artists’ great contribution to American music.


Almost Famous

June 22, 7pm - 11pm & June 23, 8pm - midnight

Five-piece Wisconsin-based rock band made up of Jeff Eisberner, composer/keyboardist/recording artist/BMI producer;  Dave Zuege, lead guitarist; Michael Kinney,  singer/songwriter/bassist/recording artist/producer; Kathy Ruenger, singer/guitarist; and Jay Nordlund, drummer/percussionist.

Jeff Eisberner is an extremely accomplished musician who has composed for, recorded and performed with numerous super stars in the U.S., Europe and Japan.  He also has many film and television credits to his name.  He has spent several years performing in Vegas and Los Angeles as well as Carnival and Disney Cruise Ships.

Dave Zuege (“Zoo”) spent the Golden Years of Rock ‘n’ Roll (1960s) in New Orleans sharpening his phenomenal axe skills on Bourbon Street.  He was heavily influenced by Southern Rock and R&B.  Upon returning to Wisconsin, Southern Blues (along with Swing and Delta Style Blues) continued to be an important style for him, but eventually his rock ‘n’ roll roots told him it was time for a radical change.  Alternative Rock, Power Country and Dance/Variety began to catch his ear, making him the power instrumentalist he is today!

Michael Kinney’s (“Pinto”) talent as a bassist is virtually unmatched.  He also has an amazing voice for both lead and background vocals and is an accomplished songwriter.  Mike has toured the Midwest and opened shows for many national acts.  He has also performed on numerous recording sessions, albums and radio jingles.

 Kathy Ruenger has performed throughout Wisconsin in clubs, competitions and concert halls and has proven herself to be a versatile musician.  She is honored to have been part of a group that represented Wisconsin in the Wrangler Country Showdown in Nashville and has recorded several radio jingles.  She has a powerful voice along with an exceptional vocal range and guitar playing ability.

Jay Nordlund’s pro-level rock-and-roll drum beat, astonishing timing, and melodic, rhythmic fills add impeccable dynamics to the Almost Famous band sound.



Floyd Stevens Band

June 29, 7pm - 11pm & June 30, 8pm - midnight